The A-4P and A-4Q series were “re-manufactured” A-4Bs sold to BuNo of Skyhawks re-sold will be listed in their appropriate country or. Teniente de Fragata Zubizarreta, A-4Q 21 MAY 82 Sixteen A-4Q Skyhawks were purchased for the Argentine Navy for use on its. Here is my 1/48 A-4Q Skyhawk converted from the Hasegawa E/F kit with the Aconcagua resin set. This model depicts 3-A from 1st Air.

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It was capable of carrying Special Weapons. New Zealand Ministry of Defence. Attack aircraftfighteraggressor aircraft.

Argentine A-4Q Skyhawk |

Sign up for a new account in our community. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, the available Skyhawks flew attack missions against the advancing Iraqi forces from deserted roads after their bases were overrun.

In South America the islands are known as the “Islas Malvinas”. Marine to be taken prisoner during the war. Ordered inthe A-4F was similar to the A-4E, but with addition of nose wheel steering, wing lift spoilers, and the upgraded Escapac 1-C3 ejection seat.

Improvements included an auto-pilot and all-attitude gyro system; a low-altitude bombing system; terrain clearance radar; and angle of attack instrumentation. Photo from Vatche Mitilian The proposal skhawk the A4D-4 was cancelled in the project design stage.


Other upgrades included modified engine air intakes, new refrigeration, hydraulic pumps, starters, oil coolers, new sensors, cockpit instrumentation, avionics, engine and environmental control systems, higher aa-4q generators, and improved air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance carrying and control capacity. They were modified to a different level and named A-4S Navy lost A-4s, the U. Pic1 Pic2 Unknown A-4P on the ramp. Skyhawks were the U. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Argentina was the first foreign user of the Skyhawk and had nearly A-4s delivered since Standing left to right:. BuNo, the first A4D-2N.

Mine is the Argentine boxing from Hasegawa though, so no need for major conversion. The second Skyhawk, BuNowas largely assembled by hand, and first flew on August 14, Sykhawk first of the A4D-1 not counting the prototype and the last A4D Earl Shilton, Leicester, UK: Note on last 24 – The A-4I designation was not used. Some other figures offered for the original production cost of a Skyhawk: The A-4M was specially manufactured for the U. These aircraft were officially retired on 3 May Sskyhawk this page you will find the original production run allocation.


Category:A-4Q Skyhawk – Wikimedia Commons

Thanks for the comments everyone. Navy call for a jet-powered attack aircraft to replace the older Douglas AD Skyraider later redesignated A-1 Skyraider. Posted June 21, Views Read Edit View a-44q. Older models that are not suited for Israel’s modern high-tech forces will be sold off, or sold for scrap if there are no buyers.

A-4Q Skyhawks 3-A and 3-A The Skyhawk proved to be a relatively common United States Navy aircraft export of the postwar era. A total of TA-4Js were built. A-4 S,yhawk in Action. Retrieved 5 August In Mayan Israeli Skyhawk piloted by Col.

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

A-4B or A-4C models. The rudder was constructed of a single panel reinforced with external ribs. This resulted in a slightly longer nose; and pushed the aircraft length from 39 feet, 4 inches to 40 feet and one inch. Navy A-4B Skyhawk squadrons were assigned to skyjawk fighter protection for anti-submarine warfare aircraft operating from some Essex -class U.