Arcangelisia flava (L.) Merr. Protologue: Interpr. Herb. amboin.: (). Family: Menispermaceae. Chromosome number: 2n= unknown. Arcangelisia flava (L.) MERR., Int. Rumph.: ≡Tuba flava RUMPH. in Herb. Amb. 5: t. ; ≡Menispermum flavum LINNE, Herb. Amb. (subm. Fermentation by several types of microorganisms was considered as one of several factors causing quality degradation of the palm sap used for production of .

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The presence of berberine in granules inside the cells was detected by its fluorescence. In both these organisms berberine at the concentrations mentioned inhibited RNA and protein synthesis almost immediately after addition. Study of the roots of A. Capsules, supplements, tea bags in the cybermarkets. Traditional applications include the use of a decoction or infusion of the stem as a stomachic, febrifuge, expectorant, tonic, and emmenagogue or abortivum depending on the quantity administered.

In Indonesia, the stems are cut in the early morning to obtain the sap which is drunk to cure fever and sprue. However, berberine failed to inhibit the growth of S ascites tumours in mice, which may be explained by the effect of different glucose levels in biological fluids.

Berberine, extracted from Arcangelisia flava dose-dependently inhibited telomerase activity in erythrocytic cycle of Plasmodium flaciparum suggested P. Study was done to determine whether the pharmacologic effects of A. Berberine as the chloride has been found to be active against a number of gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria, such as Diplococcus pneumoniaeEscherichia coliNeisseria gonorrhoeaeSalmonella typhosaShigella dysenteriaeStaphylococcus aureusS.


Antioxidant arcanngelisia cytotoxic activities of A. Synonymy [ edit ] Basionym Menispermum flavum L.

Cell-free preparations made from vibrios pretreated with berberine did not produce choleraic symptoms in infant rabbits, suggesting that the toxin was either inactivated or neutralized. Heterotypic Anamirta lemniscata MiersAnn.

From other experiments it was also concluded that berberine is a potent activator for macrophages, to induce inhibition of tumour cells in vitro. The binding of the alkaloid to DNA was arcangelosia by means of spectroscopy. A water extract showed antimicrobial activity against Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus aureus, and Trichophyton rubrum.

The blood level of orally administered [ 3 H]berberine chloride plateaued arcamgelisia h, and maximal levels in the liver and muscles were achieved at 12 h. The mechanism was possibly through prevention of parasite invasion of erythrocytes and inhibition of growth.

Arcangelisia flava – Wikispecies

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Several Menispermaceaee. Yellow-fruited moonseed is considered an interesting medicinal plant and may become important in cancer control. In Indonesia, the stems are arcangelsiia as “kayu seriawan”, meaning “wood against sprue”.

Stems used for its yellow dye berberinea single plant yielding as much as one kilo of berberine. Study evaluated the antidepressant activity of A.


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Study isolated palmatine, berberine, jatrorrhizine, dihydroberberine and hydroxyecdysone. This page was last edited on 8 November flafa, at Faecal elimination as the main excretion route indicates that berberine is not readily absorbed by the gastro-intestinal tract.

Old stems are about 5 centimeters thick, with a gray bark and yellow wood. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Arcangelisia flava

Protein and RNA syntheses were most sensitive to berberine. Compounds showed growth inhibiting effects on Babesia gibsoni in culture. Loureiri Arcangelisia loureiroi Pierre DielsPflanzenr. Coptis teeta Wallich Ranunculaceae is another species containing berberine and with similar uses. Fruit a slightly laterally compressed drupe, transversely subovoid, cm in diameter, yellow, with a club-shaped stalk; endocarp woody, covered with a dense mat of radial fibres.

International Plant Names Index. Arcangelesia loureiri Foava Diels. Also used as abortive. Parts used Bark, roots, and stems. Arcangelisia lemniscata Miers Becc. Stems yielded palmatine, berberine, jatrorrhizine, dihydroberberine and hydroxyecdysone.