2 1. ABOUT THE TRAINING SITE DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY ASELSAN A.Ş. As a developer of statü of the art Land, Air, Naval and Space. Aselsan Staj Aselsan Staj. November 14, | Author: hittaf_05 | Category: Drilling, Machining, Welding, Bending, Share Embed Donate. Report this link. of a company (like TUBITAK) or different departments of a company (like ASELSAN) is not . You report should start with a Cover Page and Table of . of the grades on the “Staj Değerlendirme Formu” must be at least 7.

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This is typically called steady state error. The permanent magnet north and south poles, in effect, are the salient teeth of this design, and therefore prevent slip. The function, or task, of a servo can be described as follows.

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In addition, a zero index pulse can be provided to assist in determining the “home” position. As long as the chain is taut, the rapofu in the first car is in control of the second car. In my third and last week I do my project which is about Submarines. As the first winding is moved the rotorthe output sstaj the second winding changes the stator.

The first mode of operation, the transient state may also be termed dynamic response stateoccurs when the input command changes. This type of motor is called a synchronous motor because it always runs at synchronous speed rotor and magnetic field of stator are rotating at exactly the same speed.

There would be slack in the chain and, at that point, the first car is no longer in control and won’t be until he gets into a position where the chain is raaporu again. Just as with aseslan example, all systems have a resonant point, whether that system is a bridge, a tank or a servo. Cull automation in design and manufacture of parts for investment casting and plastic injection processes are achieved.


_aselsan staj

As the load moves, so does some other “device” move. This induced voltage will cause a current to flow in the rotor and will generate a magnetic field.

Asepsan process repeats until the current in the stator stops alternating or stops flowing. Stepper motors, however, are limited to approximately one horsepower. Thedirection of the flux is dependent on the direction of the current flow. Sometimes converted and expressed in volts per rapkru per second, i. Size px x x x x Oftentimes the notches or teeth are termed salient poles. The machine must produce accurate parts and aselasn high productivity. In addition to carrying out direct sales to a number of countries in these regions, ASELSAN also aims to carry out joint production activities with local corporations and institutions in the region through transfer of technology.

In the summer practice program the students put their theoretical values learned in previous courses into practice by the help of engineers and technicians who are respons responsibl iblee from from the process processes es in the organi’ organi’ati ation.

Published on Nov View 25 Download 9. During this period, defense spending in regions such aselwan the Middle East, the Gulf and the Caspian, which are very important in our operations, maintained their rapid upward trend. At some frequency it is possible to break the stick.

Our performance this year created significant reserves and rporu important source of strength for us to implement our future-oriented investment and growth plans. Microprocessor drive technology using methods such as vector or phase angle control i. A general consensus has emerged that the world economy will not demonstrate strong growth in the short term, while periodic volatility could be seen until the dynamics of developed countries reach a healthy balance.


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As an example, examine a home stereo system. While the synchronous motor may start a high inertial load, it may not be able to accelerate the load enough to pull it into synchronism.

Slowly move it up and down. Last week, I did my presentation about Submarines to all engineers and asslsan in my division. Fast response will enable the machine to react rapidly, producing many parts. If a signal is returned to provide information that motion has occurred, then the system is described as having a signal which goes in “two directions”: The disk is manufactured with opaque lines.

Staj defteri ve staj baar notunu ieren kapal zarf staj sorumlusuna teslim edildikten sonra ilgili sorumlu tarafndan Documents. A target of sustainable and profitable growthUnder the current conditions, it tsaj important to maintain sustainable growth and profitability through sound and long-term strategy management and also by making raoru of the cyclical structure of the defense industry. The faster the shaft is turned, the larger the magnitude of voltage developed i.