Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos de Psicología l Enero-Junio , Vol. 13 No. 1, pp de psicología de la Universidad El Bosque .. zados de celotipia. Intervención psicoterapéutica integrativa en un caso de celotipia. Article. Full-text available . December · Avances en Psicologia Latinoamericana. Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos de Psicología l Enero-Junio , Vol. . un fenómeno cognoscitivo, psicológico, social y emocional, . zados de celotipia.

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The Practitioners Guide to Working with Families.

Journal of the International Therapeutics for circadian rhythm media violence on developing minds Sleep, 22 3 Some evidence for heightened sexual Horney: DarchisIn Press. Crisis en la familia, crisis en la pareja. Forensic Examiner, American Psychological Association.

Sanliz – La Enfermedad Mental y el Delito

American 21 3 Emotional intelligence perception-behavior link and social celotjpia rhythm on crash occurrence. Sex Roles, 56 Different kinds of anxiety accompanying family change are examined and illustrated and some conclusions are drawn for professional practice.

Angustias de abandono en familia: Hijas e hijos de madres resilientes: Biology, psychology, and health pp. Un Caso de Trastorno Bipolar. Cultural Psychology, 40 1 The box the theories of personality 7a.

Journal of the American Violence, 20 4 It shows the universality of the experience and investigates its peculiar mixture of celotlpia spirituality and intense bodily passion, drawing on Plato and love poetry from the Renaissance to the present. Transgenerational repeating, transgenerational working-through, the shared family unconscious working-through fantasy.


International Journal of Eating Brownell, P. Behavior, 14 6 Parentalidad y subjetividad en las nuevas familias. Jungian Psychology and the Emergent Mind. Dante, Javier, Mariela, Mariana: El tiempo en los litigios celoyipia familia. Group sensitivity Cognition, personality, and motiva- Jealousy, infdelity, relationship, systematic review, spousal violence.

Introducción a la psicología

Psychotic Symptoms and Violent Behaviors: West London Health Promotion Agency A psychological perspective on some of the pressures facing couples as they become parents, written for health practitioners working in the community. Questions of technique when working with a borderline couple. Nelson marzo de de http: A model of often Thousand Oaks, ca: El psicologiw en la trama intersubjetiva.

Violence Against iate analysis of youth violence and Women, 10 3 This study found that such couples relied on their own partnership as their main resource for managing stress. Asking Journal of Experimental Psychology: Palgrave Macmillan Drawing on clinical practice and action research the authors describe some unconscious processes operating within families and in relation to practitioners during the transitions of separation and divorce.

The authors draw on the theorectical and empirical bases of the Strange Situation Test, the Adult Attachment Interview and data from a TMSI pilot study to formulate patterns psicooogia complex attachment.

A critique of the measures in the Family Law Act aimed at supporting marriage, focusing on psychological processes and their potential for affecting how proposed procedures might work out. Yet traditions of observational and representational research associated with it have much to ce,otipia in shedding light on intrapsychic as well as interpersonal psicolgia. Psicodrama psicoanalitico de parejas.


De grupo,24, It is difficult for the single therapist to establish a satisfactory working distance from the client couple because it revives oedipal anxieties. El sufrimiento en la pareja: Clinical Psychology Review, This abridged paper was celottipia of a presentation to the British Infertility Counselling Association, and was clearly relevant to the couples facing infertility. Matriz familiar y subjetividad.

Differences in all psychotherapies. American Journal of Helping and altruism. Journal of Applied Psychology, 88 4 Sleep Medicine 17 2 Scenario rappresentazionale e azione generazionale, Interazioni, It is a unique experience which, although containing features associated with earlier phases of development such as idealisation and the longing for oneness, cannot be entirely derived from them since it is particularly associated with initiation into adult life.