Vampire Daeva Kiss of the Succubus*OP (Vampire: The Requiem (White Wolf)) [ Russell Bailey, Benjamin Baugh] on *FREE* shipping on. Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus Published by White Wolf Publishing Written by Russell Bailey and Benjamin Baugh. More than any other vampire. Death has never looked so good. Love them or hate them, the Daeva are the ones you die for. Tempters and priests, madonnas and horrors.

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Daeva: Kiss of the Succubus on Behance

Use the Contact Page to submit reviews or let us know if you have any questions. While the Ventrue book was filled with all kinds of vibrancy, this one rang just the tiniest bit hollow, especially considering how amped up and passionate the Daeva are supposed to be.

The second encourages proper hunting behavior; creating desire for the vampire within the mind of the intended victim rather than ambushing a random drunk in an alley.

Immortal Sinners Review City of the Damned: Kiss of the Succubus. Not quite what I was expecting but interesting in its own way. I don’t think this book is bad but it’s also not very memorable, I am pretty sure in a few months I will have forgotten most of it.

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The first challenges Daeva to find their prey in less auspicious locales supermarkets or all-night copy shops, for instance rather than the local club scene, decrying the ease and certainty of club hunting as worthy mainly of last resort.

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May 06, Andre rated it it was ok Shelves: Also some of the Devotions combination of powers of the Daeva are very interesting.


Patrick rated daega it was ok Jul 02, I think its way too tame and silent to fit the image of sensual and hedonistic succubi that these vampires where portrayed as in the main book of the game line.

Paperbackpages. Caitlin rated it it was amazing Jul 06, White Wolf Entertainment AB. Divyesh rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Progression Tree Skills, professions, magic abilities, etc. What do you get out of it?

As with the other clan books, Daeva includes new Merits, Devotions and Bloodlines, plus two sample Daeva characters ksis whet the appetite. It was also fun to read that they dared to name the god of the Israelites as the progenitor of these vampires, not cursing humans but actively siring these vampires, that is rare.

And apart from Carmilla yes the Carmilla there is really no “mystical” member of this clan presented in the book, unlike the Gangrel and Nosferatu who each had at least three I think. He fears the vampires he finds easier to spot these days, yet he documents them as a means to understanding them. Thomas Ramsli rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Samuel Potter rated it really liked it May 23, What I really liked where the merits Social Chameleon and Cacophony Listener, both would make very good stuff for storytelling I think.

He hopes by solving the riddle they represent he will find this woman with which he is obsessed and fall into her arms again — even if only for the last time.

Apr 28, Broodingferret rated it really liked it Shelves: Tags separate by space: Players and readers are drawn into a World of Kiws that’s more frighten-ing every night. Regular Reviewers can earn free products to review, which is their to keep after the review is submitted to the site. Of course, most vampires have to put on a good show to avoid detection, but Daeva have mastered the art like no other.


Jason rated it really liked it Aug 07, A pathetic creature now, he bounces from job to job, his former wealth and skills and lover abandoned. Elysse rated it liked it Jun 28, However when these aspects powers or social are missing from the text… well there is still the element of devotion daevw these vampires can inspire in humans but the book falls short nonetheless.

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Instead, it takes the higher road, challenging players to consider more deeply what makes Daevas tick, and how close to their beast they wish to venture. Beyond helping out fellow Flames Rising readers by letting them know what you think of these products, we’re giving away some pretty cool stuff.

A Clan book for Vampire: Like the other clan books, Daeva: Daeva, on the other hand, have mastery over social skills, and the most efficient character builds tend to reflect this and play to that strength.

Duccubus ask other readers questions about Daevaplease sign up. He hungers still for the lady who both victimized him and drove him to heights of ecstasy, after which she abandoned him and left town. Daeva, on the other hand, have mastery over social skills, and the most efficient character builds tend to reflect this and play to that strength.