Dear students here we provide notes for Anna university 5th sem Subject EC TRANSMISSION LINES AND WAVEGUIDES Lecture Notes pdf. you can . ec transmission lines and waveguides notesANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 5TH SEMESTERDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: transmission lines. Imp Ec – Transmission Lines and Waveguides – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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EC Transmission Lines And Wave Guides May June Question Paper

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Define propagation constant of a transmission line. What are the applications of the quarter—wave line?

Determine the reflection coefficient. What are the characteristics of principal wave? Define the cut—off frequency of a guide. Will a TE11 mode be propagated?

EC2305 Transmission Lines and Wave guides QUESTION PAPER

Define wave impedance and write the expression for wave impedance of TE waves in rectangular guide. What are the applications of cavity resonators? Write Bessel’s function of first kind of order zero.


Determine the characteristic impedance, propagation rtansmission and wavelength for a source of f: Assuming leakage conductance to be nil, deduce an expression for attenuation and phase constant without neglecting R. Find the additional inductance to give distortion-less transmission.

Calculate attenuation and phase constant for the loaded line. Measurements indicate that the standing wave minima are cm apart and that the last minimum is 35 cm from the load end of the line.

The value of standing wave ratio is 2. Determine wave length and load impedance. Find the following for the TE1o made z 1 Cutoff frequency 2 Phase and group velocity.

Calculate the cut-off wavelength, the guide wavelength and the characteristic wave impedance for the TE mode. For a 10 GHZ signal propagated in it in the TEn mode, calculate cut—off wavelength, guide wavelength and characteristic impedance. Assume free space within the cavity.

Homework 1 – University of St. Wave Calculations Guided Notes. Free Particle Time Dependence.


Transmission Lines – University of Surrey.