Shop Full Size and Portable Ice Machines at IBSS. Clear Ice Maker. Owner’s Manual. This owner’s manual provides Visit us on the web at for product guides, additional. Get Crystal Clear Ice with the EdgeStar IBSS Under Counter Clear Ice Maker The EdgeStar IBSS Undercounter Clear Ice Maker can.

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Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or injury when using the ice maker, follow basic precautions, including the following: Extension CordBecause of potential safety hazards under edgewtar conditions, it is strongly recommended that you do not use an extension cord with this ice maker.

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Recommended grounding method Leveling the Ice Maker Free-standing installation: The icemaker is unplugged. Plug the ice maker in. The fuse is blown.


The icemaker power switch is OFF. Take away some ice cubes; make the ice-full probe is free of ice. The water doesn’t feed in after the ice maker starts. The water supply tap is turn off. Turn on the water supply tap. The water supply pipe is not proper connected. Reconnect the water supply pipe. Machine makes ice, but bin does not fill up with ice The condenser may be dirty.

The air flow to the ice maker may be obstructed. The ambient temperature and water temperature are high, or it is near with some heat source.

Water is leaking out the unit. A few water droplets are on the door. Under some conditions, humidity may condense on the door. Consider moving the unit or just be more careful when you open the door. The water supply connection is leaking.

Cubes are partially formed–are white at the bottom.

Not enough water in the water ib450s. Check if the water supply pressure is below 0. Check water supply–filter may be restricted. Check for a water leak at the water trough. Noise during operation The feet are not leveled and locked Level and lock the feet.


See Leveling the Ice Maker.


Certain sounds are normal. The electricity is off. Reconnect the power supply line. The room temperature is out of the stated range. Cut off the electricity and let the ice maker stop working until the temperature returns within the stated range. The body of the ice maker is electrified The ground line isn’t in the socket. Use the correct plug and outlet. Scale builds up quickly inside the machine.

The calcium level in the water is too high.

Use a water-softening apparatus installed in front of the water inlet valve.