DP Switchgear Product Range. MCB RCCB RCBO Isolator MCB as per Havells Regular Terms & Conditions). @” NEW. Price List w.e.f. 14th February, Domestic Switchgear STANDARD is a key brand of Havells India Ltd., India’s leading FMEG Company that offers a In , STANDARD marked its entry into consumer product List Price with effect from 1st July SCHNEIDER PRICELIST (MCCB) LV Products pdf. Size: Kb HAVELLS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS PRICELIST PDF Size: Kb COMET GLANDS PRICELIST pdf. Size: Kb.

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All claims for loss, damage or shortage will be filed by the Purchasers directly with the carriers.

Havells Switchgear Price List – ShopElect E-Pricelists

Disputes, if any are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only. Swiychgear Price List supersedes all our previous Price Lists. Prices are subject to change without notice. Company reserves the right to issue amendments, which may arise due to any errors in the price list.


Adaptor Type Terminals additional price 6 nos. Other Accessories S.

Contact Unit 5CO Aux. Isolating contact unit Aux.

However extended terminal are available on request at extra price for these rating Extended Terminals: Effective from 21st November, MCCBs are with extended terminals.

It is recommended for DC circuits, two poles are connected in series for the have,ls phase and the third pole be connected in the negative phase. Following additional accessories are available on request: The above prices are for bare enclosures only, incoming and outgoing MCCBs have to be ordered separately.

Description Single Door Cat. Mrp Double Door Cat. Mrp Size Amps Cat.

Non standard coil voltages are supplied on request. MRP on Contactors 0.

In sheet enclosure, V AC, 50 Hz. All the Switches are surface mounting type, housed in sheet steel enclosure with sidehandle operation and have front access left opening doors interlocked to prevent openingwhen the switch is in on position.


Havells ATS

Sigapi Achi Building, No. Copyright ShopElect E-Pricelists Havells Switchgear Price List. Additional Information image url www.