InFocus LP projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Std. Zoom Lens: Std. Lens Focus: Manual: Optional Lenses: No: Lens Shift. User manual for the device InFocus LP /LP Online user manual database. User manual for the device InFocus Projector LP Online user manual database.

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A few months ago, I bought an InFocus video projector on eBay, still hoping to watch movies on the wall of the family room. When I received it, I immediately noted two problems: From the looks of it, I was pretty sure that the blob was going to be something wrong with, or wrong on the surface of, one of the lenses, mirrors, or filters.

Yes, it looked a little like an LCD ruined by being left in a freezing car overnight, but not quite. So I dug in to follow the light path through the projector and see if it would be apparent what was wrong. After popping the cover and removing the main circuit board, I could see most of the periscope-like light enclosure. I removed a couple of lenses that dropped in from above, which were clean, and looked at a couple of mirrors, which were also clean.

The next thing I wanted to check was the LCDs. The LCDs were mounted to the lens carrier and looked fine; their removal left access to this cavity where the RGB light paths converge. Loctite on the RG screw tabs and missing from the B tab.

I gently peeled off the Bad, scrubbed all the goo off the glass carrier with Goo Gone, washed all the Goo Gone off with Dawn, rinsed the Dawn off with water, and dried the water off with a paper towel. Life is sooooo complicated. While I was in there, I detached and examined the other two filters. The projector is back together and emitting blue light when it should be emitting black.

Like a photographic filter. Or an LCD from dead equipment. Of course, none of those are good ideas. It obviously gets hot inside the projector, and meltage problems are going to avalanche as the filter warps and discolors and becomes less transparent and absorbs more energy from the light and heats up and warps and discolors.

The projector has the lamp cover interlock switch and AC-DC power supply on the starboard side and the DC-DC power supply and lamp ballast on the port side. The AC-DC supply is always on, and the DC-DC supply appears to be under control of the microprocessor that runs the soft power button and monitors the sensors scattered throughout the projector. All of the electrolytics test good with my Capacitor Wizard, and the three voltages I took the projector parts over to Ron Tozier, and he suggested testing all the voltages with the projector in standby, with the projector on, and after the projector shuts itself off.

That should help determine whether the failure is in the AC-DC power supply board probably notin the DC-DC board, or quite possibly with one of the sensors. He also noticed that the main board has nicely labelled test points for lots of voltages, including not only the raw AC-DC supply outputs but also regulated and switched voltages under microprocessor control.

I printed out a digital pic of the main board, highlighted all the power supply test points and wrote the standby and on voltages next to them, and am now waiting for the projector to shut itself off. Of course it would pick now to stay on for hours. I do note that every time I turn it on, as it powers up the lamp, I hear a chittering inrocus like an ultra-high-pitched buzzing. This entry was posted on Sunday, January 13th, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.


You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Thanks so very much for your infocks. I needed this Thanksgiving day off to finally tackle the projector problems. I did not take anything out though as I felt like I was llp250 the edge of my limitation as it was and I did not want to make things worse. An electronic service center guy told me it has the Ballast damaged due to electrical issue in the house.

Your best bet might be to shop eBay for broken ones and hope that the brokenness is in a different part. This projector came out this September and when paired with a Blu-ray player the results are truly amazing.

I did think the LP played regular dvds fine — but this new projector is superb. Maanual you again for your help! I would like to know what is the function of this component and voltage output.? Is there any equavalent for the same…? Note also intocus the knurled ring on the 3. There are also a couple of cables that need to be disconnected from the power supply board and also an earth connection. This is done at the board, not the LCD, by loosening a connector that clamps onto the flexible connector.

Do this by moving the lug at each side of the ,p250 out about 3mm until it stops. In particular the uf 16v one nearest the mains connector should be quite squat.

Found this post very interesting, thanks! I currently have an infoucus LP which looks identical to the and have a problem with it. Can this be repaired?

I have a problem of a different kind. My son brought home an LP yesterday because his friend is apparently upgrading to something HD. I was told it worked great, but noticed that it was quite dusty. Without trying it out, I began dissecting, and cleaning as I went, when I got distracted by a phone call. By the end of the call, the projector was completely disassembled and wiped or blown clean. I was hoping that you might have a few more pics of the inside of your LP kp250 your repairs that I might get a better look at the wire placement and the carbon thing.

I would just hate to waste a perfectly free home theater addition for the fam because I inadvertently replace the carbon thingy wrong and blow up the entire projector. Rest assured, I do know the working end of a screw driver as well as most other tools, currently building my kids a treehouse, rewired our entire house and re-piped all copper throughout, just finished adding a laundry alcove for my new washer and dryer. Is it me, or is this some ploy to force you to upgrade to the newer more expensive model??

God Bless infocuw Keith, for your willingness to share your wisdom, and all your helpful followers, too.

InFocus LP250 Projector

Teri, the carbon thing is presumably a ferrite bead or tube, which is magnetically saturatable but non-conductive. So once I had the whole thing in pieces, I took pictures of each piece and the case. Sure enough, I noticed that on the lower case there is a spot that had very small indent for something round and what looked like tiny clips. I pushed the ferrite bead into the spot and it unfocus in perfectly!! I continued to rebuild the projector and took pics of each step before and after as I went.

So I let it cool itself down and shut off, put the buttons back in l;250 top case and screwed it all closed.

My Infocus LP also has a busted power supply. The 12NM50 mosfet is shorted and R8 and R9 resistors were burned. Can anybody please help with the schematics or advise me the part numbers to replace the missing parts?

  IEC 60146-1 PDF

I feel bad throwing away a good projector that just needs a few parts to fix. Hi Keith, I have a LP Projector that would shut off a few seconds after power up, sometimes I could get a minute or two out of it at most.

InFocus Projector LP250 user manual

infocs Does your projector appear to normally infocud hot? Hello i have recently got a second hand InFocus LP projector and i seem to have the following problem.

The projector turns itself off at random times. To turn it back on I have to unplug it. To turn it on again, i have to plug it back in from which you hear the fan cooling it down, once the fan has finished, it is free to turn back on.

When turned back on for the first time from the crash a loud sparking noise is made for a few seconds which i assume is from the ballast this then stops and all is fine until another random shut down. As stated above i have no experience with projectors so any help would be appreciated. My Infocus LP was overheating and shutting off anywhere from a few minutes, to over an hour. When it did this, I would have to unplug the power from the back and plug it back in.

Ok, back to the LP You should be able to get these at your local Radio Shack, or online at http: The power board is the only circuit board that the power plug plugs into.

Just replace all of the above capacitors ifocus that board and that might be your problem. Hello Keith thank you very much for your email i shall order these parts and give it ago. Once again thank you for informative and quick response. I might be in touch again if i run into any problems.

Hello keith just to let you know i have got the parts and soldered them in and all seems well thank you very much as it seems to be a successful fix so far. Any information would be useful. I was given an old infocus Lp by a friend, the problem is that it gives an error message that one of the fans is not working. I have ibfocus little knowledge in electronics so I took it appart and tested the fans with an external 12v supply, they all seemed to be in order. I took an electrical meter and measured the voltage on the fan connectors only to realize that the rear and the front left fan were not getting any voltage, so I tested the components that are inline with the fans circuitry only to realized that two surface mount reistors were gone on both fans circuitry.

I replaced them with ordinary resistors of the same resistances n powered the pj and presto, it worked.

InFocus LP /LP User Manual | 4 pages

The resistors I replaced are still fine according to my meter but still it wount work, the lamp has done hrs only by the way, am stuck, someone please help. I eventually managed 2fix my problem! It took me a really long time 2fix this yet the solution was so simple!!!

Anyway, the solution was just to clean and oil the fans!!! Can not get into the menu, or even the help button. Anyone has any Idea? I recently bought a LP and was having random shutdown issues.

After reading some of this and other places I decided to dig into the thing.