LM–XX. Input. Cin*. µF. CO**. Output. 1. MOTOROLA ANALOG IC DEVICE DATA. Three-Terminal Positive. Fixed Voltage Regulators. This family of fixed. the LM is available in the SOT package, as well .. †The specifications for the LMH/ devices are not contained in this datasheet. Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. 2All trademarks are the property of their respective.

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Lm three terminal positive fixed voltage regulators components datasheet pdf data sheet free from datasheet data sheet search for integrated circuits ic, semiconductors and other electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes.

ESR is a “Goldilocks requirement”: A regulator is essentially a feedback controlled power amplifier.

A naive passerby like myself would expect lower series resistance to be better. The output capacitor is NOT a filter capacitor in any traditional sense.

Would the output oscillate with high ripple or be undefined? If a uF cap behaved as a series-parallel dtasheet containing a series combination of an ideal 0.


Lm datasheet, lm pdf, lm data sheet, lm manual, lm pdf, lm, datenblatt, electronics lm, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data sheet. Higher capacitances are also stable. You can look at stability from the point of view of eg Nyquist stability criteria or related no poles on right half plane and all poles inside unit circle or Tantalum capacitors are completely unnecessary in this application.


These three—terminal regulators employ internal current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe—area compensation. A tantalum capacitor is not required to meet this specification. This series of devices can be used with a series—pass transistor to boost output current capability at the nominal output voltage.

If ultra low impedance is desired then use of a smaller parallel ceramic is indicated. An eg 10 ohm resistor could be placed in series with the capacitor without impeding its functionality.

Peter Mortensen 1, 3 14 MattYoung Actually yes, it is. Why are they so specific about using tantalum capacitors?

PDF LM340 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

And one final note, did you refer to the ripple voltage on the cap being large even for small currents as an inherent issue due to the small size? Also, how exactly does the ESR come into play here? With the price of tantalum these days I would recommend using one of your electrolytics with a small ceramic capacitor in parallel – say nF. This series of devices can be used with a series—pass transistor to.


It is assumed from here on that lifetime has been properly designed for and is not an issue.

LM340 Datasheet PDF

To provide loop stability they require an output capacitor which has both capacitance and ESR in selected ranges. The following is what you may see in typical circumstances – actual results vary widely but this is a guide. This family of fixed voltage regulators are monolithic integrated circuits. Russell McMahon – Huh? Most capacitors don’t behave like a single cap in series with a single resistor, but rather as a huge network of interconnected resistors and capacitors.

What would be an example dqtasheet an unstable regulator? Email Required, but never shown. Output 1 2 3 Heatsink surface is connected to Pin 2. The 10 uF, 10V is about half the allowed ESr – perhaps a bit close for comfort across lifetime.

MikeJ-UK 5, 11 The input capacitor is a typical reservoir capacitor, its value is relatively non critical. In this case the peers are scattered all over the internet.